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A Potpourri of Drabbles by Harshita Nanda

  Book Review of the eBook, A Potpourri of Drabbles Harshita's Book Cover Book Title: A Potpourri of Drabbles Subtitle: A collection of 100-word stories Author: Harshita Nanda The book Cover in white, with a border arranged with blue flowers, elicits a feeling of calm and serenity.   What is a Drabble?  Drabble is a new experience for me and tempting me, it was not even one a hundred. My curiosity prodded me to google it, and the answer is- it is a short work of fiction in one hundred words, less or more as the type varies.   According to Writer's Digest , in a drabble. "Not only do you have to tell a story, but you have to do it quickly, barely letting the reader get their feet wet before they are back on the shore. It requires a lot of skill, patience, and -in my experience-editing to get a drabble of high quality out of a story idea."  Since I have completed reading all one hundred, I can say something about the breaking the ice experience I got from Harshita's

A Love Story- Turning Point by Sanjuna SR

  Book Review Title- A Love Story-Turning Point-Unexpected Unfolds of Life. Author: S.R. Sanjuna The book cover is splendid with friendly colours and suggestive of the content. No. of pages:69 Introduction: Unexpected developments can make life charming or bitter. This is more so in the case of newly wedded couples. In arranged marriages, each one is a stranger to the other, and the unexpected turns are natural though pose challenges to the relationship. Sanjuna's story is a spread of such challenges in the matrimony. Her characters are strong in their rights. The woman's character resonates with real-life events. A strong personality, an idealist, going through the worst, she reaches the lowest points in several instances but doesn't give up, holding on to the belief that making careful changes can save the relationship.    The theme of the story:   It explores the changing dynamics in matrimony.   The narration and the writing style in creating the prose:    My general ob

The Azure Blue Honda City was Pulling Out of the Parking

  Letter Z- Azure Blue To read letter Y's story, click here . When Arjun reached the place, the Honda City was pulling out of the parking of the building.  Any vehicle repeatedly found on the premises of a building robbed cannot escape suspicion in the investigative mind of a police officer.  The same car is found the second time in the same place.  The scene continues from the previous one .   Sir, that Azur blue Honda City is parked in the same place.” Dev alerted Arjun.  He watched the CCTC footage in the building where a robbery happened the previous week. The same car, the same registration number. When Arjun reached the place, the Honda City was pulling out of the parking of the building.  Any vehicle repeatedly found on the premises of a building robbed cannot escape suspicion in the investigative mind of a police officer.  The same car is found the second time in the same place.  The car owner is someone he has seen before or has a sort of an appreciation in his mind is no

Rossy- the Mystery Woman

Letter Y-Rossy To read the post for the letter X, please click here . He stepped out of Jessica's living room.  Reaching the edge of the porch, he turned back.  She stood there watching him.   The scene continues from the previous one  here . “Sir, will you please be kind enough to visit my place? Remember the day you stepped into my home. How can I forget that moment—it was such a powerful experience that I felt, the memories of which flooded my heart and broke into the shore of my mind. Arjun stopped reading it. Who has sent it to him? Malavika! Never. There was nothing romantic in between them— he kept an attraction to her in his one-sided mind.  Jessica. It didn’t take time for Anand to recognise that name. Jessica Ramaswamy—the attorney, associated with the law firm of the Dominics Brothers. Arjun read the email message repeatedly. It is a trap.  The men played it well and got what they wanted—their attorney played a crucial role in that. Now what she wants from him

A Mix of Things Were Happening Around Them

Letter X- A Mix of Things To read the story of the letter W, click here . Some got lost in the nostalgia of the olden days—and wished for those days to come back. Now when they queued inside the bank to receive the money drafted into their accounts by their children employed in the West, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and all that alleviated their utter poverty, they willed and prayed for the return of the olden days. The scene continues from the previous one  here . To the thinking people in the society, the channel discussions that broke news, and the dailies fed them with wonderful stories from around the world, they got embroiled in a sort of passivity, and loss of direction.   The latest experience that dampened their reasoning power was the Chempolil murder case. A weird mix of things was happening amidst them. Some blamed the Western ideas- liberalism, and market economy— while they embraced the finished products that reached them and made their lives easier and filled w

The Case of Women Matters

  Letter W-Women Matters To read the story of the letter V, please click here. The women commissioner argued that she trusted the government took all the necessary steps to speed up the investigation.  In her view, the speedy replacement of the first investigation by the Special Investigation agency was a classic commitment to do justice to the victim. She pleaded to leave everything with the government and the systems to fulfil their responsibilities. The scene continues from the previous one here. There was an unusual pattern in the channel 36 discussion concluded so far—no woman was a participant in the debate.   They got excluded or declined the invitation, which no one in public knew. The omission raised criticism from various social circles, social media, and women's organisations.  On the fifth day, the panel included two women participants—one of them a lawyer-activist, a person known for taking a sensible legal stand on social and women's issues.  The second, she was h

His Vengeance

Letter-V- His Vengeance To read the story of letter U, please read here . DySP Manooj Kovoors’ presence gave much hope to the public, hoping to hear from him the truth behind the first term dropped from the investigation.   But all the hell broke loose as he started his statement that the mere intention was to derail the inquiry with the one and only one purpose to save the real culprits to the notice and protect them.    Flairs of anger and vendetta flue in the air. The scene continues from the previous one .  “I want to use the discussion to disclose these points to the point,” Manoj informed Arjun.   Arjan agreed with that. Manoj supported Arjun’s reluctance to accept the invitation to the panel talk.  The reasons he had pointed out were sensible and valid.  His honest disclosure could invite trouble for him.  He would suffer an internal hearing as an act of vengeance against him.   He is an influential officer, standing for the truth, making him fall from grace would have many ta