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His Vengeance

Letter-V- His Vengeance

To read the story of letter U, please read here.
DySP Manooj Kovoors’ presence gave much hope to the public, hoping to hear from him the truth behind the first term dropped from the investigation.  But all the hell broke loose as he started his statement that the mere intention was to derail the inquiry with the one and only one purpose to save the real culprits to the notice and protect them.  Flairs of anger and vendetta flue in the air.
The scene continues from the previous one

“I want to use the discussion to disclose these points to the point,” Manoj informed Arjun.   Arjan agreed with that.

Manoj supported Arjun’s reluctance to accept the invitation to the panel talk.  The reasons he had pointed out were sensible and valid.  His honest disclosure could invite trouble for him.  He would suffer an internal hearing as an act of vengeance against him.   He is an influential officer, standing for the truth, making him fall from grace would have many takers in public and private positions of power.

“I wish you all the best.” Arjun wished him good luck in participating.

“It can only be best for me, especially as I am getting out of the hell in two months.”

“You have planned it.  Isn’t it?”

“Of course, if I can find some use with my useless life, I should do that.  I am also trying to resurrect this sinking ship by shipping out of it.”

Arjun got a pang of pain in his chest--how a man’s life lost its potential due to his life circumstances.  The profession has failed miserably to put some hope in him and any sincere officers dedicated to it.”

“But, there is something more.”

What was it?  Anand pondered for a minute.

“We haven’t discussed it so far.  The credibility of using the victim’s dairy.”

It had occurred a few times in Arjun’s mind.   They had discussed the possibilities of using it to re-open the case in the future.  Whatever the document’s potential depends on how it is recognised in the public domain as credible evidence.

What is the credibility of the victim’s diary if it got dropped in front of the station or left with the security man when there is no source to trace it?  That is enough reason for it to get thrown away.

DySp Manooj Kovoor got the invitation for the third day of the panel discussion on Channel -36.

 Channels in the area had scheduled discussions on the topic the same week.  Interestingly, the same panellists took rounds in the various media, and the discussions formed a pattern in all media. Instead of arguing for or against a point raised by the moderators,  the panellists took sides—those who took diehard positions to support the actions taken by the special investigation units that they did a sterling job in capturing the migrant labourer on time to avoid the chance of him disappearing into oblivion. 

The rest of the panellists vehemently opposed them.

DySP Manooj Kovoors’ presence gave much hope to the public, hoping to hear from him the truth behind the first term dropped from the investigation.  But all the hell broke loose as he started his statement that the mere intention was to derail the inquiry with the one and only one purpose to save the real culprits to the notice and protect them.  Flairs of anger and vendetta flue in the air.

“If you have any evidence to support your argument that the real culprits are hiding our, why didn’t you pursue them?”  the moderator asked.

“Before that we got dropped.”

“But what evidence are you mentioning?’

“We got the victims’ dairy.”

The mention of the diary took the air out of the station and every home listening to the talks.

“What is your problem in bringing it out.”

“We couldn't establish its source.”

“if the source is unknown, how reliable that is.”

“That is the issue. What we say is we didn’t get a chance to pursue it before that. The case got derailed and took an entirely different course.”

Kovoor was fully aware of the irrelevance of bringing the diary to the public sphere without a reliable source, but he was sure about its potential to create doubt in the public mind.  Moreover, it wasn’t a fabrication he did.  It did the same effect-the public took over the matter, sliding the Second investigator's credibility.  He had another intention, too, to save the present accused from receiving harsh punishment-already the number baying for his blood was on the rise. 


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