Letter Y-Rossy

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He stepped out of Jessica's living room.  Reaching the edge of the porch, he turned back.  She stood there watching him.  
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“Sir, will you please be kind enough to visit my place? Remember the day you stepped into my home. How can I forget that moment—it was such a powerful experience that I felt, the memories of which flooded my heart and broke into the shore of my mind.

Arjun stopped reading it. Who has sent it to him? Malavika! Never. There was nothing romantic in between them— he kept an attraction to her in his one-sided mind. 


It didn’t take time for Anand to recognise that name. Jessica Ramaswamy—the attorney, associated with the law firm of the Dominics Brothers. Arjun read the email message repeatedly. It is a trap. 

The men played it well and got what they wanted—their attorney played a crucial role in that. Now what she wants from him, taking the dimension of romance. He never imagined she was so cheap!

He summoned his two officers, Gomathy Thomas, Zak and Dev, who played critical roles in tracking her and making a turning point during the investigation when everything fell flat. Jessica played a crucial link in the execution of the murder, to what extent he couldn't measure. And now, what is she up to?

He and his colleagues jointly decided that Arjun should accept the visit. They would organise a contingency plan—and wait outside her place with a reinforcement.


“Come on in," Jessica opened her door for Arjun. “Thank you for coming.”

Arjun found it challenging to reconcile the emotions she built in the email she sent with what played out on her face—a sorrowful regret.

“I’m sorry for writing the letter in that way. I thought it would save you in case….”

"If the email gets lifted and you're my girlfriend, so what?"
"The purpose of this visit is rendezvous and not connected with anything official."

Arjun got the point, but he intentionally ignored its gravity, taking it as her intention to distort the real purpose.  Since when she had turned over his well-wisher.  

“Why did you ask me to come over?”

“Be seated please.”

Arjun lowered onto the sofa. Next to him slept a happy dog he presumed to be Pansy.”

She softened her look. “I have an appeal, please do not bring anything about that dairy to the public domain.”

Arjun felt a swarm of the bees inside his head. So, it was she who dropped it there. Why?

"Your purpose?"

“Have you read it?” Jessica asked.

“I did.”

“I am Rossy in that.”

A thousand questions assembled in Arjun’s head, taking uncountable turns of permutations and combinations. He had wasted hours and days pursuing the possibilities of that character in the dairy.

What a drama was unfolding, and why should he trust her. 

"Why should I trust you?"

Jessica opened the fridge and opened a bottle of coke with a crystal class dropped in front of Arjun on a small tray.

Arjun sat unmoved.

“You can trust that,” she said.

She sat across from him on a sofa. “Why?” She repeated his question. “Human mind is such a tricky bundle, capable of camouflaging it in immense ways to suit them.  Every state of the reality, one can turn into fancy stuffs or whatever you want it to be. The result, one cannot fathom other’s reality.” There was a whimpering undertone in every word of her, which Arjun couldn’t ignore even though he refused to believe it.

“She was my re-incarnation.”


“Nimisha. My destiny was repeating in her. I knew her long before she knew me. My meeting with her was deliberate. But she didn't get a hint of that.  She was stronger and goal oriented than me.”

“What do you mean by her intentions and plans?”

"You have read her diary."

“I don't want to undress my story in front of you to bore you.  I joined their Firm with the same intentions. When I heard it from her, I saw myself in her. But how could I have explained to her that—the same me have ended up as their slave and accomplisher and that she would end up in the same place. It was difficult, even to explain it to you.”

“Are you saying you could have prevented the disaster…?”

“I don’t know. I never thought Nimisha would dare enter the jackals' den, just like that.” She went into a deep silence. She came to visit me that day in the morning. If I had known her plan…I would have done something. … Or could I have done something.”

“Did her mother knew it?”

“Mothers… What could I say about mothers” love? My mother, her mother—why did they allow us to let live?”

“How did you get her dairy?”

“They’re morons, no brains. They trust me. They dropped it with me to burn them down.”

“How did they get them?”

“I didn’t ask them. They saw her writing it when they reached there.”

“Do you know the migrant man now in the police custody?”

“I don’t know him. They employ hundreds of them in their construction sites and shops.”

Arjun took a sip of the coke.

“Why didn’t you burn the book?”

“I couldn’t do it. When I read it, I wanted to keep them with me, in her memory. Then I thought to use it. I hoped you would be able to use it. By that time, it all happened. The government.”

Arjun kept quiet.

“Please, my request, do not mention to anyone about the dairy. If they know about that….”

“They might have already known it.”

“Then you will find another body.”
Arjun reminded himself that he has nothing to promise someone admitting the eventuality of a life of hardships and injustices is receiving the worst of it and nothing more. 

“Please, I do not want to keep you here long. Please leave…”

Arjun wanted to ask her more questions.

He stepped out of Jessica's living room.  Reaching the edge of the porch, he turned back.  She stood there watching him.  


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