Book Review

Title- A Love Story-Turning Point-Unexpected Unfolds of Life.

Author: S.R. Sanjuna

The book cover is splendid with friendly colours and suggestive of the content.

No. of pages:69


Unexpected developments can make life charming or bitter. This is more so in the case of newly wedded couples. In arranged marriages, each one is a stranger to the other, and the unexpected turns are natural though pose challenges to the relationship. Sanjuna's story is a spread of such challenges in the matrimony. Her characters are strong in their rights. The woman's character resonates with real-life events. A strong personality, an idealist, going through the worst, she reaches the lowest points in several instances but doesn't give up, holding on to the belief that making careful changes can save the relationship. 


The theme of the story:  

It explores the changing dynamics in matrimony. 

The narration and the writing style in creating the prose: 


My general observation is that the author needs improvement in these areas. Under Structuring Your eBook, the Blog Chatter gives help for preparing the manuscript: rounds of editing, formatting, quick grammar, spell checking, getting a second pair of eyes, and such. The author needs to pay attention to them

Consistency in the author's voice:  

Take care that the author's voice in describing the places the characters visit agrees with that of the original voice in the story rather than meanders into travelogues.  

The author has great ideas and the potential to bring remarkable stories and she needs to polish her manuscript. 

What is the story?

It is the story of Santhosini(San) and Bhuvan, who entered matrimony not long ago.


The story opens with a dream scene disturbing San and a loving Bhuvan preparing breakfast and waking her up before departing to his office.


It gets told from San's perspective. An empowered woman, born into an orthodox family and having first-hand knowledge of chauvinistic men and the power struggle in families, subscribes to postponing her marriage until she gets a perfect alliance. 


She meets Bhuvan, the perfect man, who ticks all the boxes of expectations to regard the match as pre-destined. 


San and Bhuvan are successful people in their rights, coming from different family backgrounds and experiences- Sam from a family of social stand and Bhuvan from a lower-middle-class family, mourning lonely childhood and working-class parents but feeling superior on account of the money he earns.  

Soon differences set in their relationships, partly due to the differences in their personalities and partly due to the family interference from Bhuvan's side. Sam believes in true love and loyalty; she needs a home, not a house. 


She is a woman of lofty expectations and makes sacrifices for the relationship committed to mutual love and respect but is not willing to compromise with anything less in return from Bhuvan. She realises that the pleasantness Bhuvan had displayed during courtship was a show. As opposed to all that, in the real, he is selfish, negative, violent, and not hesitant to hurt her feelings and take advantage of her good nature, commitment, and love. Her heart weeps and falls into bouts of depression and ill-health.

Their matrimony is a roller coaster ride between high and low points- San falling into the crucible of self-evaluation and bounds back by making promises to herself that she would make all efforts to make the relationship work. She organises foreign trips and applies her culinary skills to please Bhuvan. Bhuvan enjoys the care displaying his superficial nature and keeping his innermost mind a riddle to her. 

She continues the struggle but never gives up.

I am happy to recommend this book to anyone for the positive energy San maintains throughout her life. 


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