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If You Could Change into Your Favourite Character

 " A man and a woman cannot survive without love that is for sure.  When they live for a system, they lose their love and life." ViJi. My Favourite Character for me to change into? Used Canva frame Change into a Cartoon Character      Here is a dichotomy in this question. Is it a favourite character I have created, or someone else.? It wouldn't be a problem if the question were to choose my favourite character. There is no scarcity of characters I like, from the books I have read, the films I have watched, and the cartoons I have enjoyed.       I would have listed Tom, Jerry, and Donald Duck. There are a lot of advantages to watching cartoons-- you learn morals like loving your neighbours, being kind and compassionate to others and much more. So, I could provide a bucket list of reasons for loving them.       But the question here is if I could change into them. How would I transform into those forms and sizes, adapt their voices and be funny, imaginative, naughty, and ex

Z--Azure Blue- Murder at Thampuran Kota

Y- Rossy- Murder at Thampuran Kota

X- A Mix of Things- Murder at Thampuran Kota

W- Women Matters- Murder at Thampuran Kota

V- Vengeance- Murder at Thampuran Kota

U-Unknown Source- Murder at Thampuran Kota

T -The Public Reacts-Murder at Thampuran Kota

S-Submission- Murder at Thampuran Kota

R- Robbery-Murder at Thampuran Kota

Q- Questions-Murder at Thampuran Kota

Book Review- Angels and Demons

P -Possibilities- Murder at Thampuran Kota

O - Openness--Murder at Thampuran Kota

Letter N-Niche- Murder at Thampuran Kota

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