Prasanna Raghavan's Author Journey

WELCOME TO PRASANNA RAGHAVAN'S AUTHOR PAGE Photo by  Thought Catalog  from  Pexels Here you will learn about her, the details of her debut fiction eBook, Under the Bakula Tree, she will soon publish on Kindle Direct. Her creative journey, career, research publication, and blogs, she writes on creative writing, hurdles in publishing, learning difficulties in maths, and social interest matters like weddings & marriage.   A sneak preview of her short story--Under the Bakula Tree. The story is set in Kochi, a semi-urban city of Kerala. Womens' life in the patriarchal gendered society is not easy there--conflated with myriad social and familial issues. Yet, they take the blame for everything, rich with the dowry brought in their name by husbands, but no stake in it.  Little sign of an amicable solution in their plight. Under the circumstances, three women bond together in an extraordinary sisterhood and find a way out.   About Prasanna Raghavan   A teacher by training, a writer,