Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my Blogs  photo from Dear Readers, here I'm going to introduce myself and my blogs to you.  I am Prasanna Raghavan.  I live in two nations; when I'm in South Africa, I live in Capetown, when in India, Kerala.  I'm a blogger since 2006. I'm a teacher, and for most of my career, I spent in  Africa.  I retired as the Head of Division for Physical sciences. Let me introduce my blogs to you.     Before that, a word about blogs.  It came in like a storm at the heel of the internet; very little I knew where it would take me then. The catchword was, you publish without the editor; you're the publisher.  Voila! What a beauty, the world is turning a wall in front of you to knead and shape your ideas and splash across it; you're not getting bridled by the editor.  But in reality, it was nothing more than individual trumpeting about personal glories that often turned insults on others; some expressed their raw ideas got even charged by the police.