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Book Review -The Winnowing Waves

Book Review--The Winnowing Waves The Blurb: The sea sang lullabies to them at night in the small coastal town of Malabar, where memories of men in boats carrying merchandise from Arab lands had been permanently inscribed into the sands and infused into the blood of their ancestors.  The briny breeze sang to them during the day in a dialect of their own. The winnowing waves tossed the lives of Fouziya, Aminu, and Nabisa, here and there, sometimes on the swirl of a rising, sometimes at the cusp.  sometimes at the mercy of the receding sands. Far from those shores, in a village in the North, where the loo winds doused their dreams with dust and the mustard fields stretched as yellow quilts in the Winter, Anita and Pyaari knit their own tales through the seasons. And decided that their paths should cross. My Review: The story is a mesh of various arcs, all tied up at the end, beautifully.  Fouziya, Aminu, and Nabisa are members of the waning Muslim matriarchal joint family system along the

Review for Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Book Review- Exit West by Mohsin Hamid Exit West by Mohsin Hamid was shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker price. ISBN: 0735212171 (ISBN13: 9780735212176) No of Pages: 231. Price Kindle $12.02 Exit West is a love story of Nadia and Saeed, not the usual type, set in a nameless country. Nadia is individualistic brave, had moved out of her home before she met Saeed. Saeed is homely and lives with his parents. Both are from the conservative family setup. They meet at Nadia's flat, where one day she initiates sex. Saeed discourages her--he believes in having sex only after marriage-- his parents had fallen in love but had sex only after they got married. Tradition beckons him. Nadia and Saeed make plans to marry one day; Nadia isn't ready now. Unfortunately, things get out of control as the militants take hold of their native place showers bombs from helicopters killing people, including Saeed's mother.  

The steppingstone to an Author- Write a Page a Day

How important is the writing habit to be an Author? Photo by  Lum3n  from  Pexels In his memoir on writing (2010), the great author, Stephen King advises: “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There is no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.”  This stress the importance of keeping a habit of reading and writing to be a writer, the primary step to be an author.  

What are your goals for 2022?

 2022 an Opportunity I consider 2022 is an opportunity. The new year is always an opportunity--an era or a season ends for a new one. To choose and shuffle and enchanted by the expectations. The dawn of 2022 is remarkable, marking a transformation in the Covid time.  It's an era of celebration of progress--science has stood the challenges to effect with noteworthy progress. With a lot of hesitation and resistance, we as humans also progressed. We learned to cover our faces.  

Prasanna Raghavan's Author Page

  How did She become a fiction author? The first spark of creative imagination connected the dots in her brain at 7. She remembers sitting at the cosy corner of an open shed behind her home, scribbling her first story in her school notebook using a blunt lead pencil. Her guard dog misbehaved with a homegrown hen pounced upon her--a neighbour’s intervention in time saved her --the previous day’s incident was her story theme. 

How Do You Aid your PC, Mobile or Tablet Using the Free Kindle App

Do you prefer a digital or a print version of a book to read? I guess the answer from what I read is the print.   Old habits are not easy to drop, while new practices get cautious approaches.  That is human nature. I didn't pay much attention to this choice until I published my eBook on a digital platform. That was a choice I made based on my research on publishing.  So many people asked me whether I would get it in print.  My answer is, I am not sure about that now.   My inability to make that decision is a money matter.  Going for print brings a whole different cost equation to the forge.  You, as a customer, would pay more for reading it in print than digital.   I am not promoting reading it digitally, but if you want to read it digitally, there are easy ways to do that, even if you don't own a kindle.  Most of you are aware of these steps.  I will explain them below if you aren't familiar.  You have a PC, a Mobile, or a Tablet, good.     Step 1 .

Prasanna Raghavan's Debut eBook Under the Bakula Tree -for Pre-order on Amazon Kindle stores

UNDER THE BAKULA TREE PUBLISHING ON AMAZON KINDLE ON 18 DECEMBER.   The image was customised using frames UNDER THE BAKULA TREE NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE It gives me immense pleasure to let the readers know my eBook, Under the Bakula Tree, now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle, gets published on 18 December.  It brings an end to the two-month hurdle race. The hurdles were formidable, threatening me with the impossibility of crossing them and the publishing impossible.  Under desperation, I felt publishing takes away the charm and the pleasure of accomplishing the creative milestone when you finished that line of your book.     What are the Kindle marketplaces that avail my e-book?

2021 With the Blog Chatter

 How would I remember BlogChatter 2021? The image was customised using I joined BlogChatter in April this year. Sooner than later, I participated in the ebook carnival, a month-long activity that ended on 5 May.   I was cradling the idea of book publishing having a skeletal understanding of its processes and was excited to read the wads of information on the topic flooding through dedicated posts and WhatsApps.   The group discussion exposed me to a unique experience that is not an exaggeration.  No question from anyone was left untended by virtual strangers.  Tension was climbing, knots were tightening, sleep was departing, I felt like finding a home on a cosy distant island on a tight expedition.  On a personal reward point, I felt younger being among the youngsters.  My memories are still green--how would I grade it now other than giving five over five.:) Unfortunately, I couldn't reach the height of publishing my story with others--still not published.  The reasons I

Magic Square by Salini Vinod

Magic Square debuted Salini Vinod as a fiction author.  The book's theme has the novelty of two daydreamer research scholars thrown into unfamiliar circumstances and inspiring one another.   Magic Square marked Salini Vineeth's debut as a fiction author.  It's not the story of highfliers but lazybones or daydreamers or those thrown off the ambitious life trajectory in unforeseen circumstances, however, their stories inspired one another.  Author:  Salini Vineeth Type: Novella Genre: Fiction Amudha is PhD scholar, no research enthusiast, the middle child in the family bears no weight of the family expectations.   Dheeraj, doing his PhD research for six years and is the eldest in a family.  He is planning to sniff out something immoral from his supervisor, prof. Murthy's past to extort his degree.  Chemistry develops between them like two crabs joining claws to crawl out of grotesque depths.  A joint mathematical adventure, in their planning, sets Amudha out on a mystery

Book Review-Under the Mango Tree

  Book Review Under the Mango Tree -Fiction  Author: Bina Pillai Format: Kindle Edition  The image was taken from  Under the Mango Tree, Pillai's novel handles a bitter-sweet, woman-centred, family saga theme.  Amazon blurb starts—"Diya Nair is eighteen, a diligent student, hopelessly in love with Aditya. Married against her wishes to Rajagopal, ten years older than her, Diya is exposed to an orthodox family where they follow archaic customs that are alien to her modern upbringing. "   The story opens with Diya getting ready broken-heartedly in her custom riddled ancestral home for marriage. Litle expectations about her bridegroom brighten her. Her mind invokes candid memory of Aditya—her love.  They together had woven dreams to live to bring fruition to their passion.  But it is not he that she is getting ready to marry.  Rajagopal is her bridegroom, ten years older than her. Her parents chose him in an arranged marriage, forcing her to drop her studies.  &qu