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How Do You Aid your PC, Mobile or Tablet Using the Free Kindle App

Do you prefer a digital or a print version of a book to read? I guess the answer from what I read is the print.   Old habits are not easy to drop, while new practices get cautious approaches.  That is human nature. I didn't pay much attention to this choice until I published my eBook on a digital platform. That was a choice I made based on my research on publishing.  So many people asked me whether I would get it in print.  My answer is, I am not sure about that now.   My inability to make that decision is a money matter.  Going for print brings a whole different cost equation to the forge.  You, as a customer, would pay more for reading it in print than digital.   I am not promoting reading it digitally, but if you want to read it digitally, there are easy ways to do that, even if you don't own a kindle.  Most of you are aware of these steps.  I will explain them below if you aren't familiar.  You have a PC, a Mobile, or a Tablet, good.     Step 1 .

Some Tips on eBook publishing

 How easy is book publishing?   Beyond the exaltation and exuberance in bringing your imagination into emotion-evoking words to give readers the best reading experience, book publishing is a matter of money. Or, in the present market sense, a business.    Image is taken from free I thought I would have published my debut story, Under the Bakula Tree by September.   November is passing. Even now, I am not able to set a publishing date for it.  No, I wasn't sick, toiling these months in preparation for my publishing.  In September, I had no clue of what was awaiting me. I believe many of you have a story idea inside you, itching you to bring it out to publish. Then, this post is also for you to caution you against the pitfalls waiting for you in the process and to best be aware of them to avoid falling into the traps.   And that beyond the exaltation and exuberance in bringing out your imagination into emotion-evoking words to give the best reading experience to readers, it