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2021 With the Blog Chatter

 How would I remember BlogChatter 2021? The image was customised using I joined BlogChatter in April this year. Sooner than later, I participated in the ebook carnival, a month-long activity that ended on 5 May.   I was cradling the idea of book publishing having a skeletal understanding of its processes and was excited to read the wads of information on the topic flooding through dedicated posts and WhatsApps.   The group discussion exposed me to a unique experience that is not an exaggeration.  No question from anyone was left untended by virtual strangers.  Tension was climbing, knots were tightening, sleep was departing, I felt like finding a home on a cosy distant island on a tight expedition.  On a personal reward point, I felt younger being among the youngsters.  My memories are still green--how would I grade it now other than giving five over five.:) Unfortunately, I couldn't reach the height of publishing my story with others--still not published.  The reasons I