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The Unknown Source

Letter-U-Unknown Source of Evidence To read the story of the letter T, please click here . The first team reached the evidential support to suspect a migrant labourer had vanished from the area just after the crime.  That doesn’t fit the logic and rationale based on further evidence that he had the motive or the ability to plan and execute the murder.   The scene continues from the previous post .  Can we disclose the victim’s dairy as a piece of evidence at this time? Manoj Kovoor accepted the Channel 36 invitation to participate in the panel discussion.  Instead, he was anxious to be part of it as an opportunity to clear the dirty air shrouding the reputation of the first investigation team.  It got just dropped from the scene, and no reasons to qualify that action.  Added to that was the incompetency of those who managed the matter relegated it to non-prominence. Ninety per cent of the evidence the special investigation team has used in the charge sheet submitted to the trial co

The Public Reacts to the Incident

The Letter T- The Public Reacts To read the story of S, please click here . Each day, the channel demarked aspects of the case mentioned for the discussion.  Included in the panel were personalities in the fields of law and order, the law fraternity, women, and the activist groups that played critical roles in bringing the murder case to the public domain from where it was allowed to die and perish.  The Canva Frame was used. Continues from the previous scene posted  here The Cempolil murder case took another round of uprising and another edge in the public domain as the visual, print and online media unleashed panel discussions, features and posts on the circumstances surrounding the Special Team’s submission of the Charge Sheet in the Trial Court. Channel 36 TV station included a daily discussion on their feature programme ‘Media Mirror’ with the title, ‘The Public Mind.’ How the public reacts to the various aspects of the progress, the case focused on the elements of the ST’s Char

Submission of the Murder Case Report

  Letter S- Submission of the Chembolil Murder Case Report To read the story of the letter R, please click  here . Some witnesses, who the police claimed to have corroborated with the material evidence, denied knowing the police version.  They held the view the police planted such pieces of evidence. 30 July 2016, The Special Investigation Team submitted the case report of the Cembolil murder case to the trial court at Ernakulum.   There was substantial media interest in the case.  Through their breaking news, interviews and panel discussions, the public got a clear idea about the matters contained in the crime report.  According to the report, the Bengali migrant labourer the investigation team nabbed from the deprived area in the Assam state of India was a loner suspect in the case. A disturbing thing since the news about the migrant's arrest got reported in the media was a considered part of the public was sceptic about it.  Their public protest had resulted in the authorities s

A Robbery in a Shopping Center

The letter R-Robbery   To read the story of the letter Q, please click here The police team headed by the SHO arrived at the building and witnessed the hacked doors of the shops and the selves wiped off the stocks and the displays.  The usual procedures of the evidence collection—photographing, fingerprinting, dealing with the CCTV images, and questioning the people living nearby followed. Continues from the previous here “A break-in in a building at ‘Perumbavoor’ Thampuran Kota Police station received an alert message in the wee hours of 16 August 2017. The building stood in the industrial area of the town, thickly populated by the natives and the migrant labourers who arrived from various parts of the nation.  The police team arrived at the premises of the building less than an hour after the station received the alert message.   The four-storey building, with a fa├žade of modern architecture, adds pride to the emerging developmental culture of the district.   Its ground floor was

An Entourage of Questions

Q—An entourage of questions To read the story for the letter P, please read here . An entourage of questions reared heads in his mind in seconds. The officer in charge of law and order in an area and responsible for protecting the people living there felt his personal life was a blank paper. Like the wheels of a vehicle goes into a skid, it spins around and does not progress forward. Used Canva frame Arjun felt so embarrassed about the system of parents deciding their children’s destiny by choosing whom they wed. Consequentially, the children develop the attitude of waiting for their parents’ decision for the family’s sake! If the children get romantically involved with the opposite sex and decide to marry the love of their life, they get punished as family outcastes for sabotaging the parents’ rights. Changes are happening these days—many youngsters decide for themselves whom they marry, and the parents come around if the children haven’t violated the caste and communal and economi

Book Review- Angels and Demons

  Book-Review-Angels and Demons "A breathless, real-time adventure...Exciting, fast-paced, with an unusually high IQ." San Francisco Chronicle  "When a world-renowned scientist is found brutally murdered, a Harvard Professor, Robert Langton, is summoned to identify the mysterious symbol seared into the dead man's chest. His conclusion: it is the work of the Illuminati, a secret brotherhood presumed extinct for nearly four hundred years--now reborn to continue their bitter vendetta against their sworn enemy, the Catholic Church." Taken from the book's blurb in the back.  Angels and Demons  Author Dans Brown- Bestselling Author of The Davinci Code Publisher: Random House, South Africa Year: 2000.   No. of pages: 620.  Dan Brown's bestseller Davinci Code was published in 2003--his fourth book.  Angels and Demons was the precursor to the Davinci Code published in 2000 and the first in the Robert Langton series.  The man who was stabbed to death was Leonardo

Our Life is Full of Possibilities

 Letter P-Possibilities  To read letter O's story, please click here . “What happened to me shouldn’t happen to you—I repeated that as a prayer inside me.  Hoped you would find a girl- your classmates or colleagues agreeable to you.  Your father played with us all our lives.  I was dreaming you never fell for his marriage proposal.  But I was scared to tell you, fearing for his reactions.” The scene continues from here .    “Then why did you say that?” “Our lives are full of possibilities.  We can also remain bonded to our past.  We choose to look for the possibilities or stay boned to the past.”  Arjun threw a skewed glance at his mother—she was talking like a philosopher.  She had always kept a gloomy face like someone who had lost their way on the journey and could not head off forward.   How has she transformed into her present form showing strength and glow? “Your father is an incapable man, unable to take decisions but pretentious and a typical Kerala man of patriarchy.

His Mother's Openness Surprised Him

The Letter-O- Openness To read N's story, please click here . "Arjun do not feel pity and guilty for not spending time with me.  And don’t show sympathy towards me as if I’m starving here for something.”  His mother smiled.  He remembered her smile in her younger days when he was a child.  Then she forgot to smile—he too forgot how she had smiled. Frame Continued from the scene before “We go travel somewhere, Amma.” Arjun warmed up to start a conversation with his mother as he had planned. “If I ask you to plan it, what place you top in your priority list?” He brewed the masala tea as his mother had instructed him and poured it into two cups, one placed in front of her. She sipped the tea eagerly. He felt contented. Since his mother had moved in with him, he hadn’t spent enough time with her.   He felt terrible about that.   His job is like that--having no set programmes, he should be anywhere at a sudden alert of a crime, even in the middle of the night.   She h

I should Find My Niche

N- In Search of his Niche To read M's story, please click here . “I feel so empty, Arjun, the emptiness swallowing me, taking away whatever is left in me.  Why should I burden myself with handling this failing system taking the spat from all these lairs, murderers, and crooks?  Should know when the time is right to level.” Frame The scene continues from the previous  one. Kovoor stood up from his seat and took to pacing in the room.  Seconds matured into minutes.  Arjun waited patiently.   He is now used to his boss’s quirks--sometimes, he breaks off a hectic conversation in the middle to rise from his seat to stare at the world through the window behind him or pace in the room in the Sethuramayar style in the CBI movies.  “People consider me Ill-mannered, rude, even haughty,” he would complain about himself.  “I have to relieve the valve before it explodes.” “Arjun, I called to share with you something important also. I'm Retiring in three months.” “But you have

A Million Dollar question

M- A Million Dollar Question To read L's story please click here .  The dairy is still a piece of hard evidence.  It contains important circumstantial evidence that can cause doubts in the right-minded legal personalities.  Say a defence attorney succeeds in causing doubts in the judge presiding over the case--he could earn the accused a lesser punishment or even prove him innocent.  I got the inside the information that the ADGP has made the case tight to earn him the death penalty.” Continues from the previous scene here “Now, the million-dollar question is who dropped that dairy with your security man in your office building?” asked Kovoor.  “The mystery is adding layers, leaving no clue to unfold them.” Madhavan had spent sleepless nights-- his investigative mind hoovering over that question—who is that a friend or a foe? “There is someone among the murderers who wish the truth gets found and the culprits brought to the books.” “What is your rationale behind that?”  “So

A Different Perspective on Life

 L—A perspective on Life To read K's story, please click here And the truth is more burning than anything the legal or the law-and-order system can sometimes reveal in a place where those systems do not address the ground reality of human life.  Why can’t a woman tell her child the truth about its father?  Secrets are dangerous! Used Frame The Scene continues from the previous one. “Who are they?” Kovoor leaned forward in his seat.   “There are many such families here--which among them?” “They run the most popular charity work in the area.  Married off recently fifty couples in their recent community marriage festival.” “But what is their motivation?” Kovoor’s forehead furrowed.   “Shame!  There is a mention of a Will in the victim’s diary that affords her a share in the family property.  Also, a conversation among the three brothers where they suggest her as a danger to them and the idea.” “What idea?” “To finish her off.” “She was a postgraduate student in Law.  Why did