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And the truth is more burning than anything the legal or the law-and-order system can sometimes reveal in a place where those systems do not address the ground reality of human life.  Why can’t a woman tell her child the truth about its father?  Secrets are dangerous!

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The Scene continues from the previous one.

“Who are they?” Kovoor leaned forward in his seat.   “There are many such families here--which among them?”

“They run the most popular charity work in the area.  Married off recently fifty couples in their recent community marriage festival.”

“But what is their motivation?” Kovoor’s forehead furrowed. 

 “Shame!  There is a mention of a Will in the victim’s diary that affords her a share in the family property.  Also, a conversation among the three brothers where they suggest her as a danger to them and the idea.”

“What idea?”

“To finish her off.”

“She was a postgraduate student in Law.  Why didn’t she approach the police?”

“The police?  Imagine complaining to the police station about a conversation she overheard in her stealth intruding into their office buildings.  A woman with no collective clout or social identity makes such a complaint against the most influential people in the area.  How would the police force treat her?”

Kovoor didn’t respond.

“She had plans to infiltrate the family business and destroy it.  That was how she planned to settle her revenge.  She put an application to join the graduate training program in their law firm against her mother’s wish.  Her mother insisted she joined some other law firm-seemingly she feared her daughter’s intention and the danger it would pose to her life.”

“Had she elaborated all these in her diary?”


“All right, now I see what you mean the mother had her share of secrets,” Kovoor gasped.  “We were talking about the chances of reopening the case--is her dairy a new piece of evidence is the question.   Nothing connects her death to the people who had suggested finishing her off.  It would be thrown away as speculation or imagination, revenge or greed, especially in our legal system.  The legal system grinds on the postulate that no innocent is punished, not to establish the true offender and punish them.”

Madhavan had considered all those matters, and the more he thought, the more he got sometimes convinced truth is more than fiction, and no appearance reveals anything closer to reality.  You know no one.  He got a strange perspective on life, truth, and justice.   The mother who suffered the hardships and the social insults to protect her daughter from the outside harm paved the way for the tragic loss of her daughter’s life—she hid the secret from the daughter, the daughter’s birthright.

And the truth is more burning. At a place where the legal and the law-and-order system trivialises the truth, they fail to address the ground reality of human lives.  Why can’t a woman tell her child the truth about its father?  Secrets are dangerous--has the potential to evolve into lethal weapons.  The attitude of the society is not determined by the rights of the individuals but the communal forces.   

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