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Our Life is Full of Possibilities

 Letter P-Possibilities  To read letter O's story, please click here . “What happened to me shouldn’t happen to you—I repeated that as a prayer inside me.  Hoped you would find a girl- your classmates or colleagues agreeable to you.  Your father played with us all our lives.  I was dreaming you never fell for his marriage proposal.  But I was scared to tell you, fearing for his reactions.” The scene continues from here .    “Then why did you say that?” “Our lives are full of possibilities.  We can also remain bonded to our past.  We choose to look for the possibilities or stay boned to the past.”  Arjun threw a skewed glance at his mother—she was talking like a philosopher.  She had always kept a gloomy face like someone who had lost their way on the journey and could not head off forward.   How has she transformed into her present form showing strength and glow? “Your father is an incapable man, unable to take decisions but pretentious and a typical Kerala man of patriarchy.

His Mother's Openness Surprised Him

The Letter-O- Openness To read N's story, please click here . "Arjun do not feel pity and guilty for not spending time with me.  And don’t show sympathy towards me as if I’m starving here for something.”  His mother smiled.  He remembered her smile in her younger days when he was a child.  Then she forgot to smile—he too forgot how she had smiled. Frame Continued from the scene before “We go travel somewhere, Amma.” Arjun warmed up to start a conversation with his mother as he had planned. “If I ask you to plan it, what place you top in your priority list?” He brewed the masala tea as his mother had instructed him and poured it into two cups, one placed in front of her. She sipped the tea eagerly. He felt contented. Since his mother had moved in with him, he hadn’t spent enough time with her.   He felt terrible about that.   His job is like that--having no set programmes, he should be anywhere at a sudden alert of a crime, even in the middle of the night.   She h

I should Find My Niche

N- In Search of his Niche To read M's story, please click here . “I feel so empty, Arjun, the emptiness swallowing me, taking away whatever is left in me.  Why should I burden myself with handling this failing system taking the spat from all these lairs, murderers, and crooks?  Should know when the time is right to level.” Frame The scene continues from the previous  one. Kovoor stood up from his seat and took to pacing in the room.  Seconds matured into minutes.  Arjun waited patiently.   He is now used to his boss’s quirks--sometimes, he breaks off a hectic conversation in the middle to rise from his seat to stare at the world through the window behind him or pace in the room in the Sethuramayar style in the CBI movies.  “People consider me Ill-mannered, rude, even haughty,” he would complain about himself.  “I have to relieve the valve before it explodes.” “Arjun, I called to share with you something important also. I'm Retiring in three months.” “But you have

A Million Dollar question

M- A Million Dollar Question To read L's story please click here .  The dairy is still a piece of hard evidence.  It contains important circumstantial evidence that can cause doubts in the right-minded legal personalities.  Say a defence attorney succeeds in causing doubts in the judge presiding over the case--he could earn the accused a lesser punishment or even prove him innocent.  I got the inside the information that the ADGP has made the case tight to earn him the death penalty.” Continues from the previous scene here “Now, the million-dollar question is who dropped that dairy with your security man in your office building?” asked Kovoor.  “The mystery is adding layers, leaving no clue to unfold them.” Madhavan had spent sleepless nights-- his investigative mind hoovering over that question—who is that a friend or a foe? “There is someone among the murderers who wish the truth gets found and the culprits brought to the books.” “What is your rationale behind that?”  “So

A Different Perspective on Life

 L—A perspective on Life To read K's story, please click here And the truth is more burning than anything the legal or the law-and-order system can sometimes reveal in a place where those systems do not address the ground reality of human life.  Why can’t a woman tell her child the truth about its father?  Secrets are dangerous! Used Frame The Scene continues from the previous one. “Who are they?” Kovoor leaned forward in his seat.   “There are many such families here--which among them?” “They run the most popular charity work in the area.  Married off recently fifty couples in their recent community marriage festival.” “But what is their motivation?” Kovoor’s forehead furrowed.   “Shame!  There is a mention of a Will in the victim’s diary that affords her a share in the family property.  Also, a conversation among the three brothers where they suggest her as a danger to them and the idea.” “What idea?” “To finish her off.” “She was a postgraduate student in Law.  Why did

The Mother Acknowledges the Daughter's murderer

  K For Acknowledgement To read J’s story, please click here “The woman has identified the man as who murdered her daughter.  Doubt how serious she is.  Throughout my questioning, she accused the ward member, never mentioning the possibility of her daughter having a specific friend, a migrant labourer. Used frame and photo Arjun parked his car in the front yard of the district police headquarters. By August, the Monsoon should have toned down, not this year. He found rescue under an umbrella. The corridor at the entrance was wet and stained with mud. He reached in front of the office and knocked on the door. DYSP Mahesh Kovoor was in a severe mood, as Arjun had anticipated. After the chit-chats, Kovoor cut the chase. “The ADGP is submitting the charge sheet for the Chembolli murder case today. Sure, you have heard it.” “I did. It came in the news.” “Have they approached you before finalising it?” “No,” Madhavan felt the brush of a fire stub inside.  It was the deliberate

He Felt a Little Jagged

J for Jagged To read the story for I, please click here He paused in front of the mirror in his bedroom and addressed his reflection in the mirror.  “Are you in love with her?”  The word love tickled through his veins, kindling a tenderness in him.  Arjun felt a heaviness dragging him down, a lethargic effect pricking hard.  He shouldn’t have gone to Malaviaka’s in the name of reclaiming a shameful memory for him.  He should have let the book part with him—was it anything dear to him.  She said she planned to reach him one day to return the book to him.  Now, he seems to be on the wrong side--irritated her for a bad reason.  More than that, something else pinned him down.  Malavika, aka Meenu, is a person that Silpa was not.  How come he never met her even though she visited his home.  Every day, Silpa mentioned her.  It was rude that he didn’t inquire about her.  Why was that?  Silpa would have introduced her to him if she had visited his home in his presence.  “Meet my cousin M

She Felt Invicta

To read H’s story, please visit here . “And I didn’t get a chance to express my feeling fully. No other officer would have come to rescue a woman who made a distress call at night. Whenever I thought of approaching you and expressing my feeling, I fear. What would be your reaction?  And a woman cannot approach a man to have a genuine conversation in this society.”   Arjun felt deflated. The mention of Silpa by the TV reporter blinded him and knocked him out of his right mind. He ever had come across such an embarrassing situation, but again, who is she? She acted as if she was in close alliance with Silpa. He dived deep into his memories to trace out an instance when Sillpa made a mention of her--nothing. “Haven’t you asked Silpa about the book?’ She was taking the upper hand. That night he noticed the book was missing from his shelf-- he had slept on the sofa in his reading, and since then, he had no genuine conversation with Silpa. The uneasiness in their relationship caused it, bu

A Hotchpotch of Emotions

  H for Hotchpotch To read G's story, please visit here “Sir, you are an officer with power, and you can do anything using that power.  Whatever I say might count against me, but you must listen to me even if I am an offender.  You should have called me to your office.” Designed using Arjun couldn’t let pass the question about the woman who played with him and his identity—he was a person in charge of law and order.  On Sunday, he decided to visit the lady—her address he got from her reports on the case sheet.  He had a case—how had the book he kept in his library ended up in her bag.  How has she got entry into his home?  If a fraud, she graduated in her art using the first person in charge of the security of the people in the area, and it would soon backfire on him and the system.  He should act before things reach such a worst-case scenario, and he has a bunch of clever opponents inside the police force. Apartment 13B, Heather Pen.  13B winked at him from the display p

Arjun Began to Nurse his Grievance Against the Woman

  G-For Grievance To read F’s story, please visit here . The scepticism about Silpa’s role in the episode he had laid to rest bounced back into his mind.  Mixing personal with the official.  New gossip chicks would he hatched in the medias’ gossip machines.  He photographed the bag and the books’ pages with his writings before checking out the stuff officially. Arjun went through the preliminary case report Dev had prepared.  The lady missed the train booked for her return trip after attending the IT conference at Thiruvananthapuram.  Reached Aluva train station by 10. 15 pm and proceeded the journey driving her car parked at the station.  She was going to meet her parents at their home near Kattumuku junction at Perumbavoor—on the way, she topped up her tank at the Reliance filling station.  A Mahindra Land Rover appeared in line with her on the road immediately after she hit the road, from the station.  Men in Mahindra shouted at her opening their car windows.  She speeded when they

He Remembered His Baby-Friend Malavika

He Remembered His Baby-Friend Malavika  Read E's story, please go here .  Welcome to Letter F's Story He looked at Malavika-how would he detect any similarity between the chubby face of a young girl and that of a grown-up woman?  And she was sitting alone on a hospital bench, downcast.  His mind traversed through their meeting scene at the gorge.  "The media wants to meet you' Dev stepped inside Anand's office.  "Not again!" Early morning, he had a brief with them.  That was routine. "A senior reporter from Chanel 36.  You know how the media works." "You better deal with them," Arjun hates the media involvement for their evocative dialogues and questions to arouse cheap sensation in the viewers.     "I did my part, told you're busy preparing the FIR.  But you know them.  They insist on meeting you." "Um, let them in." Came inside two gentlemen-one 36 TV reporter and a camera operator took seats in An