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A Love Story- Turning Point by Sanjuna SR

  Book Review Title- A Love Story-Turning Point-Unexpected Unfolds of Life. Author: S.R. Sanjuna The book cover is splendid with friendly colours and suggestive of the content. No. of pages:69 Introduction: Unexpected developments can make life charming or bitter. This is more so in the case of newly wedded couples. In arranged marriages, each one is a stranger to the other, and the unexpected turns are natural though pose challenges to the relationship. Sanjuna's story is a spread of such challenges in the matrimony. Her characters are strong in their rights. The woman's character resonates with real-life events. A strong personality, an idealist, going through the worst, she reaches the lowest points in several instances but doesn't give up, holding on to the belief that making careful changes can save the relationship.    The theme of the story:   It explores the changing dynamics in matrimony.   The narration and the writing style in creating the prose:    My general ob