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Showing Versus Telling in Creative Writing

  Showing Versus Telling The above is a writing rule I learned from my creative writing course at All About Writing. Before I joined the course, I had no clue about the writing rules.  Even after the course, I'm not sure I grasped all the rules, or grasping and practising are two different things.  The template in the post introduces the difference between telling and showing.  What is telling in writing?  As I know it, Telling is an easy method.   You create a scene, and at some point, your character is petrified.  You can use adjectives like angry, troubled, upset, and so on, the reason many of us prefer it.  What is showing?  To show is an effort; we should show the character's reactions on the face, body, voice, and explain the surroundings, the smell, the sound.  Get the reader to engage with all senses for the emotional connection, do not come naturally, need to practise.    It brings specific details about his facial expressions, body language and voice modulations.   To