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An Entourage of Questions

Q—An entourage of questions To read the story for the letter P, please read here . An entourage of questions reared heads in his mind in seconds. The officer in charge of law and order in an area and responsible for protecting the people living there felt his personal life was a blank paper. Like the wheels of a vehicle goes into a skid, it spins around and does not progress forward. Used Canva frame Arjun felt so embarrassed about the system of parents deciding their children’s destiny by choosing whom they wed. Consequentially, the children develop the attitude of waiting for their parents’ decision for the family’s sake! If the children get romantically involved with the opposite sex and decide to marry the love of their life, they get punished as family outcastes for sabotaging the parents’ rights. Changes are happening these days—many youngsters decide for themselves whom they marry, and the parents come around if the children haven’t violated the caste and communal and economi