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Our Life is Full of Possibilities

 Letter P-Possibilities  To read letter O's story, please click here . “What happened to me shouldn’t happen to you—I repeated that as a prayer inside me.  Hoped you would find a girl- your classmates or colleagues agreeable to you.  Your father played with us all our lives.  I was dreaming you never fell for his marriage proposal.  But I was scared to tell you, fearing for his reactions.” The scene continues from here .    “Then why did you say that?” “Our lives are full of possibilities.  We can also remain bonded to our past.  We choose to look for the possibilities or stay boned to the past.”  Arjun threw a skewed glance at his mother—she was talking like a philosopher.  She had always kept a gloomy face like someone who had lost their way on the journey and could not head off forward.   How has she transformed into her present form showing strength and glow? “Your father is an incapable man, unable to take decisions but pretentious and a typical Kerala man of patriarchy.