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The Public Reacts to the Incident

The Letter T- The Public Reacts To read the story of S, please click here . Each day, the channel demarked aspects of the case mentioned for the discussion.  Included in the panel were personalities in the fields of law and order, the law fraternity, women, and the activist groups that played critical roles in bringing the murder case to the public domain from where it was allowed to die and perish.  The Canva Frame was used. Continues from the previous scene posted  here The Cempolil murder case took another round of uprising and another edge in the public domain as the visual, print and online media unleashed panel discussions, features and posts on the circumstances surrounding the Special Team’s submission of the Charge Sheet in the Trial Court. Channel 36 TV station included a daily discussion on their feature programme ‘Media Mirror’ with the title, ‘The Public Mind.’ How the public reacts to the various aspects of the progress, the case focused on the elements of the ST’s Char