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A Different Perspective on Life

 L—A perspective on Life To read K's story, please click here And the truth is more burning than anything the legal or the law-and-order system can sometimes reveal in a place where those systems do not address the ground reality of human life.  Why can’t a woman tell her child the truth about its father?  Secrets are dangerous! Used Frame The Scene continues from the previous one. “Who are they?” Kovoor leaned forward in his seat.   “There are many such families here--which among them?” “They run the most popular charity work in the area.  Married off recently fifty couples in their recent community marriage festival.” “But what is their motivation?” Kovoor’s forehead furrowed.   “Shame!  There is a mention of a Will in the victim’s diary that affords her a share in the family property.  Also, a conversation among the three brothers where they suggest her as a danger to them and the idea.” “What idea?” “To finish her off.” “She was a postgraduate student in Law.  Why did