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He Felt a Little Jagged

J for Jagged To read the story for I, please click here He paused in front of the mirror in his bedroom and addressed his reflection in the mirror.  “Are you in love with her?”  The word love tickled through his veins, kindling a tenderness in him.  Arjun felt a heaviness dragging him down, a lethargic effect pricking hard.  He shouldn’t have gone to Malaviaka’s in the name of reclaiming a shameful memory for him.  He should have let the book part with him—was it anything dear to him.  She said she planned to reach him one day to return the book to him.  Now, he seems to be on the wrong side--irritated her for a bad reason.  More than that, something else pinned him down.  Malavika, aka Meenu, is a person that Silpa was not.  How come he never met her even though she visited his home.  Every day, Silpa mentioned her.  It was rude that he didn’t inquire about her.  Why was that?  Silpa would have introduced her to him if she had visited his home in his presence.  “Meet my cousin M