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Goodbye 2020

  Goodbye to 2020. Begonia and Peace Lilly from the flower gardens of   Cape Town, South Africa. Wishing you all a happy and better 2021, from the ever-beautiful city.  Bidding goodbye 2020 is like feeling the loss of something not owned.   I didn’t own 2020 feeling hunted by some dark stuff sitting beside me trying to grab me and eat me. I couldn’t connect with it emotionally, how would, I didn’t receive anything soothing, tender from it only melancholy and tragedies.    I couldn’t meet our daughters, their husbands, in-laws and friends. No parties, no visiting Kerala that takes rounds with the families and friends there, travel and all such.   (I don’t deny the bitterness and the confrontation extravaganza at the families there at times, Covid or not) I’m sad, not bitter; we’re all safe not turned statistics to be counted among the millions who have left us, the reward from using masks and the sanitizer.   The dark stuff whenever had set eyes on me gleefully got neutralised by that