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I should Find My Niche

N- In Search of his Niche To read M's story, please click here . “I feel so empty, Arjun, the emptiness swallowing me, taking away whatever is left in me.  Why should I burden myself with handling this failing system taking the spat from all these lairs, murderers, and crooks?  Should know when the time is right to level.” Frame The scene continues from the previous  one. Kovoor stood up from his seat and took to pacing in the room.  Seconds matured into minutes.  Arjun waited patiently.   He is now used to his boss’s quirks--sometimes, he breaks off a hectic conversation in the middle to rise from his seat to stare at the world through the window behind him or pace in the room in the Sethuramayar style in the CBI movies.  “People consider me Ill-mannered, rude, even haughty,” he would complain about himself.  “I have to relieve the valve before it explodes.” “Arjun, I called to share with you something important also. I'm Retiring in three months.” “But you have