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A Mix of Things Were Happening Around Them

Letter X- A Mix of Things To read the story of the letter W, click here . Some got lost in the nostalgia of the olden days—and wished for those days to come back. Now when they queued inside the bank to receive the money drafted into their accounts by their children employed in the West, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and all that alleviated their utter poverty, they willed and prayed for the return of the olden days. The scene continues from the previous one  here . To the thinking people in the society, the channel discussions that broke news, and the dailies fed them with wonderful stories from around the world, they got embroiled in a sort of passivity, and loss of direction.   The latest experience that dampened their reasoning power was the Chempolil murder case. A weird mix of things was happening amidst them. Some blamed the Western ideas- liberalism, and market economy— while they embraced the finished products that reached them and made their lives easier and filled w