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A Potpourri of Drabbles by Harshita Nanda

  Book Review of the eBook, A Potpourri of Drabbles Harshita's Book Cover Book Title: A Potpourri of Drabbles Subtitle: A collection of 100-word stories Author: Harshita Nanda The book Cover in white, with a border arranged with blue flowers, elicits a feeling of calm and serenity.   What is a Drabble?  Drabble is a new experience for me and tempting me, it was not even one a hundred. My curiosity prodded me to google it, and the answer is- it is a short work of fiction in one hundred words, less or more as the type varies.   According to Writer's Digest , in a drabble. "Not only do you have to tell a story, but you have to do it quickly, barely letting the reader get their feet wet before they are back on the shore. It requires a lot of skill, patience, and -in my experience-editing to get a drabble of high quality out of a story idea."  Since I have completed reading all one hundred, I can say something about the breaking the ice experience I got from Harshita's