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His Mother's Openness Surprised Him

The Letter-O- Openness To read N's story, please click here . "Arjun do not feel pity and guilty for not spending time with me.  And don’t show sympathy towards me as if I’m starving here for something.”  His mother smiled.  He remembered her smile in her younger days when he was a child.  Then she forgot to smile—he too forgot how she had smiled. Frame Continued from the scene before “We go travel somewhere, Amma.” Arjun warmed up to start a conversation with his mother as he had planned. “If I ask you to plan it, what place you top in your priority list?” He brewed the masala tea as his mother had instructed him and poured it into two cups, one placed in front of her. She sipped the tea eagerly. He felt contented. Since his mother had moved in with him, he hadn’t spent enough time with her.   He felt terrible about that.   His job is like that--having no set programmes, he should be anywhere at a sudden alert of a crime, even in the middle of the night.   She h