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The Case of Women Matters

  Letter W-Women Matters To read the story of the letter V, please click here. The women commissioner argued that she trusted the government took all the necessary steps to speed up the investigation.  In her view, the speedy replacement of the first investigation by the Special Investigation agency was a classic commitment to do justice to the victim. She pleaded to leave everything with the government and the systems to fulfil their responsibilities. The scene continues from the previous one here. There was an unusual pattern in the channel 36 discussion concluded so far—no woman was a participant in the debate.   They got excluded or declined the invitation, which no one in public knew. The omission raised criticism from various social circles, social media, and women's organisations.  On the fifth day, the panel included two women participants—one of them a lawyer-activist, a person known for taking a sensible legal stand on social and women's issues.  The second, she was h