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His Vengeance

Letter-V- His Vengeance To read the story of letter U, please read here . DySP Manooj Kovoors’ presence gave much hope to the public, hoping to hear from him the truth behind the first term dropped from the investigation.   But all the hell broke loose as he started his statement that the mere intention was to derail the inquiry with the one and only one purpose to save the real culprits to the notice and protect them.    Flairs of anger and vendetta flue in the air. The scene continues from the previous one .  “I want to use the discussion to disclose these points to the point,” Manoj informed Arjun.   Arjan agreed with that. Manoj supported Arjun’s reluctance to accept the invitation to the panel talk.  The reasons he had pointed out were sensible and valid.  His honest disclosure could invite trouble for him.  He would suffer an internal hearing as an act of vengeance against him.   He is an influential officer, standing for the truth, making him fall from grace would have many ta