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Rossy- the Mystery Woman

Letter Y-Rossy To read the post for the letter X, please click here . He stepped out of Jessica's living room.  Reaching the edge of the porch, he turned back.  She stood there watching him.   The scene continues from the previous one  here . “Sir, will you please be kind enough to visit my place? Remember the day you stepped into my home. How can I forget that moment—it was such a powerful experience that I felt, the memories of which flooded my heart and broke into the shore of my mind. Arjun stopped reading it. Who has sent it to him? Malavika! Never. There was nothing romantic in between them— he kept an attraction to her in his one-sided mind.  Jessica. It didn’t take time for Anand to recognise that name. Jessica Ramaswamy—the attorney, associated with the law firm of the Dominics Brothers. Arjun read the email message repeatedly. It is a trap.  The men played it well and got what they wanted—their attorney played a crucial role in that. Now what she wants from him