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A Million Dollar question

M- A Million Dollar Question To read L's story please click here .  The dairy is still a piece of hard evidence.  It contains important circumstantial evidence that can cause doubts in the right-minded legal personalities.  Say a defence attorney succeeds in causing doubts in the judge presiding over the case--he could earn the accused a lesser punishment or even prove him innocent.  I got the inside the information that the ADGP has made the case tight to earn him the death penalty.” Continues from the previous scene here “Now, the million-dollar question is who dropped that dairy with your security man in your office building?” asked Kovoor.  “The mystery is adding layers, leaving no clue to unfold them.” Madhavan had spent sleepless nights-- his investigative mind hoovering over that question—who is that a friend or a foe? “There is someone among the murderers who wish the truth gets found and the culprits brought to the books.” “What is your rationale behind that?”  “So