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The Unknown Source

Letter-U-Unknown Source of Evidence To read the story of the letter T, please click here . The first team reached the evidential support to suspect a migrant labourer had vanished from the area just after the crime.  That doesn’t fit the logic and rationale based on further evidence that he had the motive or the ability to plan and execute the murder.   The scene continues from the previous post .  Can we disclose the victim’s dairy as a piece of evidence at this time? Manoj Kovoor accepted the Channel 36 invitation to participate in the panel discussion.  Instead, he was anxious to be part of it as an opportunity to clear the dirty air shrouding the reputation of the first investigation team.  It got just dropped from the scene, and no reasons to qualify that action.  Added to that was the incompetency of those who managed the matter relegated it to non-prominence. Ninety per cent of the evidence the special investigation team has used in the charge sheet submitted to the trial co