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A Robbery in a Shopping Center

The letter R-Robbery   To read the story of the letter Q, please click here The police team headed by the SHO arrived at the building and witnessed the hacked doors of the shops and the selves wiped off the stocks and the displays.  The usual procedures of the evidence collection—photographing, fingerprinting, dealing with the CCTV images, and questioning the people living nearby followed. Continues from the previous here “A break-in in a building at ‘Perumbavoor’ Thampuran Kota Police station received an alert message in the wee hours of 16 August 2017. The building stood in the industrial area of the town, thickly populated by the natives and the migrant labourers who arrived from various parts of the nation.  The police team arrived at the premises of the building less than an hour after the station received the alert message.   The four-storey building, with a fa├žade of modern architecture, adds pride to the emerging developmental culture of the district.   Its ground floor was