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Submission of the Murder Case Report

  Letter S- Submission of the Chembolil Murder Case Report To read the story of the letter R, please click  here . Some witnesses, who the police claimed to have corroborated with the material evidence, denied knowing the police version.  They held the view the police planted such pieces of evidence. 30 July 2016, The Special Investigation Team submitted the case report of the Cembolil murder case to the trial court at Ernakulum.   There was substantial media interest in the case.  Through their breaking news, interviews and panel discussions, the public got a clear idea about the matters contained in the crime report.  According to the report, the Bengali migrant labourer the investigation team nabbed from the deprived area in the Assam state of India was a loner suspect in the case. A disturbing thing since the news about the migrant's arrest got reported in the media was a considered part of the public was sceptic about it.  Their public protest had resulted in the authorities s