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The Mother Acknowledges the Daughter's murderer

  K For Acknowledgement To read J’s story, please click here “The woman has identified the man as who murdered her daughter.  Doubt how serious she is.  Throughout my questioning, she accused the ward member, never mentioning the possibility of her daughter having a specific friend, a migrant labourer. Used frame and photo Arjun parked his car in the front yard of the district police headquarters. By August, the Monsoon should have toned down, not this year. He found rescue under an umbrella. The corridor at the entrance was wet and stained with mud. He reached in front of the office and knocked on the door. DYSP Mahesh Kovoor was in a severe mood, as Arjun had anticipated. After the chit-chats, Kovoor cut the chase. “The ADGP is submitting the charge sheet for the Chembolli murder case today. Sure, you have heard it.” “I did. It came in the news.” “Have they approached you before finalising it?” “No,” Madhavan felt the brush of a fire stub inside.  It was the deliberate