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She Felt Invicta

To read H’s story, please visit here . “And I didn’t get a chance to express my feeling fully. No other officer would have come to rescue a woman who made a distress call at night. Whenever I thought of approaching you and expressing my feeling, I fear. What would be your reaction?  And a woman cannot approach a man to have a genuine conversation in this society.”   Arjun felt deflated. The mention of Silpa by the TV reporter blinded him and knocked him out of his right mind. He ever had come across such an embarrassing situation, but again, who is she? She acted as if she was in close alliance with Silpa. He dived deep into his memories to trace out an instance when Sillpa made a mention of her--nothing. “Haven’t you asked Silpa about the book?’ She was taking the upper hand. That night he noticed the book was missing from his shelf-- he had slept on the sofa in his reading, and since then, he had no genuine conversation with Silpa. The uneasiness in their relationship caused it, bu