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A Hotchpotch of Emotions

  H for Hotchpotch To read G's story, please visit here “Sir, you are an officer with power, and you can do anything using that power.  Whatever I say might count against me, but you must listen to me even if I am an offender.  You should have called me to your office.” Designed using Arjun couldn’t let pass the question about the woman who played with him and his identity—he was a person in charge of law and order.  On Sunday, he decided to visit the lady—her address he got from her reports on the case sheet.  He had a case—how had the book he kept in his library ended up in her bag.  How has she got entry into his home?  If a fraud, she graduated in her art using the first person in charge of the security of the people in the area, and it would soon backfire on him and the system.  He should act before things reach such a worst-case scenario, and he has a bunch of clever opponents inside the police force. Apartment 13B, Heather Pen.  13B winked at him from the display p