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He Remembered His Baby-Friend Malavika

He Remembered His Baby-Friend Malavika  Read E's story, please go here .  Welcome to Letter F's Story He looked at Malavika-how would he detect any similarity between the chubby face of a young girl and that of a grown-up woman?  And she was sitting alone on a hospital bench, downcast.  His mind traversed through their meeting scene at the gorge.  "The media wants to meet you' Dev stepped inside Anand's office.  "Not again!" Early morning, he had a brief with them.  That was routine. "A senior reporter from Chanel 36.  You know how the media works." "You better deal with them," Arjun hates the media involvement for their evocative dialogues and questions to arouse cheap sensation in the viewers.     "I did my part, told you're busy preparing the FIR.  But you know them.  They insist on meeting you." "Um, let them in." Came inside two gentlemen-one 36 TV reporter and a camera operator took seats in An