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The Noise Sounded like an Earthquake

 The Noise Sounded like an Earthquake D for Disaster, please read here In five minutes, Anand found the shrubs dwindling, and the marshy ground was taken up by a type of tall, pliable water grass easy to pass through.  He noticed footsteps on the ground, suggesting someone had taken that root before him.  He approached a tree rooted in the valley, sprawling around, with the stem pressing against the gorge's wall and sensed a movement on the other side of the tree.  To explain the car's position on the inclined strip of the land across the valley, one needs to sweat through the equations of Newton and the momentum, Anand thought.  Since he was not an expert in that field, Anand didn't take on that challenge.  The car's boot suffered heavy damage, and the bonnet rammed into the gorge.  The likelihood of someone escaping unharmed from it was slim. The driver's door remained flung open.  A briefcase and an ASUS laptop were on the floor at random positions, thrown off