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They Heard a Noise that Signalled a Disaster

“Life constantly presents the greatest opportunity brilliantly disguised as the biggest disaster.” David Icke The Starter: On his way to rescue the woman, Anand attends to a car plunged into a gorge by the roadside. A man in the neighbourhood approached him and volunteered a conversation. As Anand was about to act on the hint he picked from the conversation, Dev, the reinforcement team leader, spots another vehicle a bit down the first vehicle. What happened then? Wait for the letter E. Can read the letter for C here . “It sounded like an earthquake,” a man approached Anand in the light of a torchlight, a short man in a vest and pants.  You always find a neighbourhood in the vicinity of accidents eager to narrate the occurrences painted with their imagination, political will, proficiency in the socio-economic perspectives or whatever is deemed appropriate for them, Anand thought. They add light moments to the tension, sometimes sheaths gems of valuable leads.  A police vehicle stop