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A Car Crash- The Police Failed to Trace the Woman

   Can you think of anything more permanently elating than to know that you are on the right road at last! --Vernon Howard A2Z Post for the letter C --Read Post for B here . The Starter: Arjun is on a rescue mission searching for a woman unknown to him who placed an SOS on his private phone. No further communication to locate her, to assure her about his mission, but he passionately believes she would wait for him in her trust.  He comes across a car crash-- where would it lead his mission, wait for the letter D.    Three cars passed him in the opposite direction, showing no sign of chasing one another. He drove three kilometres when Zak messaged him about alerting the guys at the tower about the mission-– he added that the reinforcement would reach him soon. For another two kilometres, the road remained deserted—the Monsoon clouds ramming vigorously in the sky signalled an impending downpour.   The rain would put another damper on his mission and aggravates the criminals.   There are