Research in Mathematics Learning

School learners' difficulty in conceptualising maths is a global concern, particularly in Africa.  Reasons are multifarious, though.  It remained a professional dilemma that urged me to probe the matter.   

We came to South Africa in 1990 and I got employed in a township high school in Grahamstown, now Makanda.   Living close to Rhodes University took my professional probe to another level, and I registered for a master's degree in maths education and was awarded the degree in 1994.   It was a research course in part.

 My research topic was-- Social Constructivism in mathematics education.  

Her research in Maths Education

 In South Africa, she taught maths at a high school in Alice, a town in Ciskei, a homeland, a setup by the apartheid government at that tim    The learners in the classroom needed more conceptualisation of the subject--a global issue but particularly in the are    The problem bugged her, and she decided to research it as part of her master's degree at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa and published her thesis.  

SEALS Digital Commons published her thesis here