A Photo Tells a Lot About It. 

The nature photo tells us about having no control to change its course and the best as humans we can do is learn about it, from it, manage it and wait to take its course keeping our hopes high.

A nature photo

Burgundy enthralled me at the very first sight I approached its main entrance road. I am talking about the Complex we moved into five years ago. The reason the nature. I asked my husband to slow down or stop the car here and there to consume the picture-perfect walk paths running along the side of the roads that connect the Complex from one end to the other or crisscrossed. I wanted to know if we could own a piece of that beauty and see it ever again. On one side, the long walk paths were framed with tall hedges and on the other side, by the tree lines between clusters of low flowering plants.  

Finally, we came to own a piece of Burgundy, and the charm has never subsided. Now, I can walk along the path any time of the day and rejuvenate my body from exhaustion, fatigue, and emotional stagnation. I can listen to the chirping, cooing, and flittering noises, invoking memories of my childhood and the world where I grew up.   All of those now boost my creative interests/passion.  

It is not only the long and straight walk paths that make you stop and wonder, but there are also open and large parks everywhere hedged by tall shrubs, with a manicured grass field at the centre, and fitted with the children's play things.  

There is Beauty and Purpose in Nature

I see beauty in everything: the human endeavour at the manicure and grooming skills of the dedicated and skilful labour force working with the Complex. From their tender care comes forth a life full of colour, order and panoramic glory for the benefit of the walkers to feel every moment coming to a new meaning and a sense of purpose. 

The complexes are well-spaced, leaving a large area in between them rich in nature.  

I am adding a few charming Burgundy photos here.

The charming walk paths at Burgundy

The following are two images modelling our existential realities, the pictures of the same tree going through two harsh realities of time and existence. We do care for each other in all our tender care and affection, no matter in what physical forms we appear to each other. My first greeting always goes to it. Rooted on the ground a few meters down from my apartment, it branches onto my balcony and reaches further up to the next level. And like a time meter, it measures the worldly movements happening, whether one likes it or not. It is your philosopher too, who teaches you, there is nothing permanent in life and what is permanent is only change. Your forms and appearances are temporary.

The chirpy, bubbly tree in the springly time

The frail, emaciated, hopeful image in the winter cold

Look at that, the two outer appearances of the tree. One shows its jolly burly springy, youthful appearance. The other, the dishevelled, worn out, weary, frail image. The two entities of life-one when the time is smiling, the sun shines over your head, or more precisely, warming up and protecting the Southern horizon, including Cape Town. 

The other is the time of longing, loss and hopeless frustrations; the sun, the father, the protector has gone far away from the south, and people live with the good days' memories. Pulling forward with hope and one expectation that the shine will reach us one day and take us to the glory.

 I see daily sitting behind my writing table that great move of creativity and annihilation, happening every day, every moment, without stopping for a second. This is my story and inspiration, and what I can say about the nature I photographed. 

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