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The Story of Finding a Mysterious Jewellery Box in my Garden

Finding A Mysterious Jewellery Box in my Garden The image was taken from Finding a mysterious box is intriguing that stuffed with jewellery adds elements of surprise, and from your garden adds an enigma. It reminds me of the once-upon-a-time grandma stories passed down from generation to generation. Gold and jewellery symbolise royalty, aristocracy, authority, control, and distinction- what a windfallen privilege! Who doesn't dream for find that mysterious jewellery box in your garden? What is wrong with hoping for everything windfallen in life, like finding the treasure trove hidden in trenches under the cellar of your home, garden or anywhere? So, there is fulfilment in finding things free without any effort.   There is, however, an important question or dilemma in this case for some people. Can you take ownership of a jewellery box in your yard or anywhere not having the mark of your effort? Why not? It is under your home's cellar or the garden. It is your destin