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If You Could Change into Your Favourite Character

 "A man and a woman cannot survive without love that is for sure.  When they live for a system, they lose their love and life." ViJi.

My Favourite Character for me to change into?

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Change into a Cartoon Character

    Here is a dichotomy in this question. Is it a favourite character I have created, or someone else.? It wouldn't be a problem if the question were to choose my favourite character. There is no scarcity of characters I like, from the books I have read, the films I have watched, and the cartoons I have enjoyed. 

    I would have listed Tom, Jerry, and Donald Duck. There are a lot of advantages to watching cartoons-- you learn morals like loving your neighbours, being kind and compassionate to others and much more. So, I could provide a bucket list of reasons for loving them. 

    But the question here is if I could change into them. How would I transform into those forms and sizes, adapt their voices and be funny, imaginative, naughty, and expressive like them? These days, all actions are computer generated--that is technology, but that is a different dimension. 

Change to my eBook character

     To be on the safe side in all respect, I decide to change into the favourite character I have created. There is a handful of characters in my published short stories and the eBook-'Under the Bakula Tree.' All the characters that I created in them are my favourites-including the antagonists.  

Change into Ebin Carlos-the Antagonist

    The antagonist in my eBook, Ebin Carlos, is a man of all flaws. But I made him who he is because he is a character derivative of the male-abuser system of relationships in the cultural settings in my story. The story setting is Kerala. Unloved, with a physically and mentally bruised mind, motivated by greed and dark ambition, trained to kill, paranoid, inflicted with a heart condition, ugly and suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).  

I can change into him--no problem--with my androgynous personality. In psychology, androgyny refers to individuals with strong personality traits associated with both sexes-- combining toughness and gentleness and nurturing behaviour as called for by the situation. 

For Virginia Wolf, "Androgyny was a theory that aimed to offer men and women the chance to write without the consciousness of their sex--the result of which would ideally result in uninhibited creativity."

Better change into Viji-the Protagonist

But I better prefer to change into Viji-because she is a progressive and promising character-she chart out a plan for Sara to escape the impending tragedy, the protagonist of my eBook. Viji is the promise of my story to the world- it is through her character that I plotted my story and its various scenes and accomplished the theme. She is my favourite character, and to change into her is easy for me.  

She stands for love, and this is what she says about love:

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  1. When they live for a system they lose - such a profound thought!

  2. Thank you, Suchitha for highlighting that


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