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If You had Grown up During Your Grandparent's Time

If You had Grown up During Your Grandparent's Time Blog chatter design in Canva frame I felt dismantled into parts when I read the topic. The probability of me reverse-travelling in time-the fear of me getting banished from the contemporary facilities and the lifestyle in the blink of an eye into the dark wilderness. How can I survive there, having no global information and a superhighway network that has become my breath and existence? Would I get mad in that social isolation? Once I managed to get past those fears, I felt it cool. That would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to know that time and the people who lived then. If my grandparents had lived and survived during that time, my father and mother gave birth to me and brought me up, what is wrong with imagining the possibility of living during their times? What if they had no facilities for the information superhighway?  It's not the material facilities and the trappings of an advanced life that makes people fulfilled

Book Review-Literary Characters with Character

  Book Review- Literary Characters with Character- (Pun Intended!) by Deepthi Menon.   Taken from Deepthi's eBook   Introduction:  Author Deepthi Menon's title preludes her intention that she means fun but is not interested in being funny. She is replenishing our memory of people that ruled the world of literature and still. I read her book eagerly and I loved it, and I appreciate her effort in doing it.  I am a newcomer to the field of literature. I always valued it even though I showed partiality to my main subjects-Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, in my college days, for the sake of life. As a result, my acquaintance with Macbeth, Shakespear, Ulysses, Homer, Dickens, and Keats ended prematurely, and I never got a chance to refresh it in the way I wished. Deepthi's eBook afforded me a homestay with them, and I remain obliged to her for that.  Here I am writing as a literary author. I followed my passion for stories, characters, and literature later in my years. I was n

Fondest School Memories

  My Fondest School Memories I think of those days in reverence, wondering what is happening now in my land.  Girls cannot feel safe on the street in the middle of the city where they fear the hyenas in the modern world that takes pride in the trappings of the so-called developments and certifications. The image was taken from my family album in Canva frame So many matters line up in my mind when I think of school memories. It comes at the closing of the two months of summer vacation spanning April and May. In the scorching month of March, we burn the midnight oil-the promotion examination we write in the month stands out as the determinant of our future- our promotion to the next class/standard.   Summer is from March to May. March is the month all hell broke loose in our world- the temple deities do the rounds to visit the subjects. It is the time to celebrate various art and cultural forms. Temples make it a priority to arrange for the best ballet, and the dance troops-leaflets anno

A Potpourri of Drabbles by Harshita Nanda

  Book Review of the eBook, A Potpourri of Drabbles Harshita's Book Cover Book Title: A Potpourri of Drabbles Subtitle: A collection of 100-word stories Author: Harshita Nanda The book Cover in white, with a border arranged with blue flowers, elicits a feeling of calm and serenity.   What is a Drabble?  Drabble is a new experience for me and tempting me, it was not even one a hundred. My curiosity prodded me to google it, and the answer is- it is a short work of fiction in one hundred words, less or more as the type varies.   According to Writer's Digest , in a drabble. "Not only do you have to tell a story, but you have to do it quickly, barely letting the reader get their feet wet before they are back on the shore. It requires a lot of skill, patience, and -in my experience-editing to get a drabble of high quality out of a story idea."  Since I have completed reading all one hundred, I can say something about the breaking the ice experience I got from Harshita's