“Life constantly presents the greatest opportunity brilliantly disguised as the biggest disaster.” David Icke

The Starter:

On his way to rescue the woman, Anand attends to a car plunged into a gorge by the roadside. A man in the neighbourhood approached him and volunteered a conversation. As Anand was about to act on the hint he picked from the conversation, Dev, the reinforcement team leader, spots another vehicle a bit down the first vehicle. What happened then? Wait for the letter E.

Can read the letter for C here.

“It sounded like an earthquake,” a man approached Anand in the light of a torchlight, a short man in a vest and pants. 

You always find a neighbourhood in the vicinity of accidents eager to narrate the occurrences painted with their imagination, political will, proficiency in the socio-economic perspectives or whatever is deemed appropriate for them, Anand thought. They add light moments to the tension, sometimes sheaths gems of valuable leads. 

A police vehicle stopped near Anand—the reinforcement despatched by Zak.   A team of uniformed men got ready to act, led by Roshan Dev   Anand briefed them about the mission and the accident that stopped him on the way. 

“Someone must be trapped inside the car, needing medical attention.” The team scurried towards the toppled car.

“You heard a crash,” Anand engaged with the neighbour. 

“The crash shook the ground   We took it a bomb explosion   This is an accident zone   Have you noticed the nature of the road   we formed an action committee to demand a rerouting of the road along this part, but who cares   The government is busy with politician’s business!” 

Dav and his men jumped down into the narrow strip to inspect the car.

“We were getting ready for the airport to collect my son arriving from Dubai   The taxi will arrive any time...”

Anand inquired about his son, which pleased the man.

“We saw men running around the area searching for something.” he indicated a direction away from the road.”

“What time?” Arjun asked.

“All happened before you stopped… these youngsters.” 

“Have you seen them?”

“Only youngsters can sprint in that speed, having moneyed parents, in Dubai and Middle Eastern countries.”  

“There is no one trapped inside the vehicle,” Dev and his team cleared the undergrowth and shrubs. They photographed the car and the surroundings.

Arjun got ready to proceed with his mission. 

“We heard the car speeding, the break stretching the metal-on-metal grinding. A second or a third car is involved.”

“You’re guessing it?” 

“Sir, we people can judge the accidents from the level of the noise   Drivers cannot see the bent from the distance and plunge into the ditch when they speed   The car simply squeals, and the people scream out   This is different—a collision   There is another car involved.” 

The man’s claim of his practical knowledge impressed Anand.

“This is pre-planned   Drug lords choose this method to settle scores with the competitors   But the police record them in their register as accidents.” 

It eased Anand that the man hadn’t recognised him in the absence of the uniform.

“Have you ever complained to the police about this?”

“Why, Sir, they will lock me up inside the cell—they know these things,” he lowered his tone. 

The man expressed the public’s genuine sentiments toward the police. His reference to the collision and men fleeing away in search of something clicked in Anand’s mind—a link between the accident and his mission.   

“Here is another car.” Dev called out from the far side of the road. 

“Told you,” The man called out jubilantly. Arjun hurried towards the spot Dev had taken position. The man followed Arjun. 

Arjun spotted there a blue Honda City. The vehicle sat clawed onto the wall of the canyon where it was shallow and potbellied and less steep than where the Mahindra had plunged.  

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