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What are your goals for 2022?

 2022 an Opportunity I consider 2022 is an opportunity. The new year is always an opportunity--an era or a season ends for a new one. To choose and shuffle and enchanted by the expectations. The dawn of 2022 is remarkable, marking a transformation in the Covid time.  It's an era of celebration of progress--science has stood the challenges to effect with noteworthy progress. With a lot of hesitation and resistance, we as humans also progressed. We learned to cover our faces.  

Prasanna Raghavan's Author Page

  How did She become a fiction author? The first spark of creative imagination connected the dots in her brain at 7. She remembers sitting at the cosy corner of an open shed behind her home, scribbling her first story in her school notebook using a blunt lead pencil. Her guard dog misbehaved with a homegrown hen pounced upon her--a neighbour’s intervention in time saved her --the previous day’s incident was her story theme.