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What are the Catches in Book publishing

 How easy is book publishing?   Beyond the exaltation and exuberance in bringing your imagination into emotion-evoking words that give readers the best reading experience, book publishing s a matter of money. Or, in the present market world, a business.    Image is taken from free I happily informed my Facebook friends that I would publish my debut story titled Under the Bakula Tree by September.  At least some of you might be wondering about its state of affairs. This was also my theme in the BlogChatter Half-marathon in August.  November is passing. Even now, I am not able to set a publishing date for it.  No, I wasn't sick, toiling these two months in preparation for my publishing.  In September, I had no clue of what was awaiting me. I know many of you have at least one story idea inside you, itching you to bring it out and publish. This post is also for the benefit of those looking forward to that. This is to caution you against the pitfalls waiting for you outside,