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My author journey

  How have I become a fiction author? The first spark of creative imagination connected the dots in my brain at 7. I remember sitting at the cosy corner of an open shed behind our home, scribbling in my school book using a blunt lead pencil. Our guard dog misbehaved with a homegrown hen, pounced upon her, a neighbour intervened in time saved her a previous day's incident was my theme.  What inspired me?  The previous day, I read a book from my father's library--nothing fancy, an arrangement of books and his medical references on a shelf in a small room. Vischinnakankanam--broken bangles--I found among the books, read in a single sitting, no author's memory. It planted the seed of a story in me. Storytelling wasn't alien to the culture we grew. For everything, there was a story in the form of an anecdote to pass on a moral lesson--a nasty action begets nasty reaction.   My father was a practitioner in the indigenous branch of medicine--Ayurveda. He was the only medical m

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