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 Prasanna Raghavan is a lover of books, reading and writing.  Recently she published her first eBook-Under the Bakula Tree on Amazon Kindle. When she is not reading a book or busy on her laptop, she is in the kitchen trying the old and new recipes. Her husband is also a lover of cooking and does it in solitary or in her company.  Their latest cooking expeditions include experimenting with air fryer recipes.  Their children gifted her a gadget recently on her birthday.

An educator, she has spent her entire career life in Africa.  Her husband is also a teacher. Both have retired as Heads of Division, she for Physical Sciences and he for Mathematics. They live in Cape Town.

 Creative writing has been her passion since the time she wrote her first story at 7. She could, however, take her passion seriously after she has retired from her regular job. The course she did with All About Writing assisted her to master the story-crafting techniques.  

 She was born and grown in Kerala, India.

She has researched Social Constructivist Maths Education in a maths classroom as part of her master's degree in mathematics education from Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.  

Her research thesis is available in Global View.  

She has written for Women's Web and Feminism in India. 

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