The Festive Season, 2023, the turn of the New Year 2024, a Home Shifting and Internet Glitches.

Image taken from Foodlovers Market, Good Wood.

This is my first post in 2024.  I will start by recalling the post I had planned for Christmas Eve of 2023, why I couldn't do it, and conclude with the New Year celebration in 2024, a home shift, and an internet glitch that upset me during the first two weeks of the New Year.   

 Have you ever felt suddenly plugged out of your world of connections, contacts, and information?  I cannot explain differently how I experienced the much-awaited closure of 2023, the dawn of the New Year 2024, and managing a home shift?   

The festivities to close the year-end and to raise the toast to welcome the new year are nothing new here.  I have been party to everything since I lived in South Africa.  The only difference this time was a sudden home shift.  It was much expected and planned for, though.  But came a bit early, making us rush through.  The anxiety and the tension in moving stuff and organising the new place.  But the worst was the disconnect from the internet.  No less than finding an arm amputated on a fine morning. 

It was a long-term plan to sell our apartment for a free-standing home.  Climbing the steps to the first-floor apartment has been bothering us, the worst carrying the shopping bags.  No doubt the earlier property registration came with all excitements, but not the three-week wait to sort out the internet connection at the new place.  The irony was it was all because of the annual festivity and the celebration. 

The Festive season in South Africa.

South Africa's festive season begins with Christmas Eve.  It extends through the new year and two weeks after.   It is a national euphoria, not centred on religion except for some.  All schools are on year-end holidays, joined by all those working in the formal and informal fields for these three weeks of festivities.  Making the offices function on skeleton staff.  

Celebration all over.

It is everywhere.  The festivity in mood and matter.   Anywhere you enter, a shop, a home, a restaurant, or a mall outlet welcomes you with a tenuous melody of Christmas music- the jingle bell or pumping out from a moving car.  A soft buoyancy in everything and everywhere that makes you move with it in its own joyful rhythm. 

 And the weather is more than favourable.  The mild summer breezes lull you wherever you are: in an open field, in your private garden, dancing, greeting a friend or a stranger, or dining on your roasted turkey or chicken.  Capetown's Mediterranean climate adds an otherworldly coding to everything outdoors, making it a specially designed custom piece for you.   In every shop, a garnished Christmas tree welcomes you. 

The festive season also means everything you can think of: celebrations, balloons, food, drinks, music, travel, shopping, swimming, merrymaking, meeting and visiting friends.  Mending old wounds, forgetting, forgiving, closure of the bad and raising toasts for the best of the new year.   The festivity prolongs with a slow, leisurely waking up, turning a new page in life- the new year.   

There is no difference between a white colour and a blue colour job.  You wish your home helper the seasonal wishes, the Christmas bonus and gifts.  She takes leave from work to visit her family, chill with her friends or do whatever they think appropriate.  And will report back only after the second week of the new year.  Usually, it doesn't bother you since you're also travelling or doing your own things.   We typically travel to Kerala during the festival season.

 The downside is the frustration if you have yet to plan for it, like how it happened in our case.  We sold our house with fibre internet facilities but didn't get the same in the new home.  The fibre contractors will only organise it once the technicians return to install a new ONT box in our house and only on the 15th of the new year.  The good news is they did it on the 16th.   So, I am back to the business and joining the crowd. 

Apologies and belated seasonal wishes.

This post is also an apology to all my friends for not reading their posts and engaging with them on social media and the blogosphere, to all those who reviewed my book and are wondering why I haven't responded, and to the Bookish League team.  I should have read and commented on each of their posts.  

I can only promise to cover the gaps that seem almost insurmountable.  I beg for your kind understanding.  This also serves as my New Year wishes to everyone in my social circles. 

Wishing you all a fabulous, belated, happy 2024.