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Under the Bakula Tree -Availabe on Amazon Kindle stores

UNDER THE BAKULA TREE PUBLISHING ON AMAZON KINDLE ON 18 DECEMBER.   The image was customised using frames UNDER THE BAKULA TREE NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE It gives me immense pleasure to let the readers know my eBook, Under the Bakula Tree, now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle, gets published on 18 December.  It brings an end to the two-month hurdle race. The hurdles were formidable, threatening me with the impossibility of crossing them and the publishing impossible.  Under desperation, I felt publishing takes away the charm and the pleasure of accomplishing the creative milestone when you finished that line of your book.     What are the Kindle marketplaces that avail my e-book? My eBook is published on Amazon globally.  You can buy it from any Amazon Kindle store. E.g. Amazon.US, Amazon.UK, Amazon.AU, Amazon. IN.   Do you have to pay in US dollars because published on  Someone asked me this question.  You don't. You pay in the country's curr

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